A d v a n t a g e s

As an independent writer and editor, I offer a number of advantages to businesses that need to contract for writing and editing services.
Mix of Expertise
My background provides a unique combination of expertise in a variety of areas—including marketing, business, writing, editing, and production.
- Marketing.  With experience in marketing, I understand how to write and design publications that highlight the distinctive qualities of your company and its products.
- Business.  My business background enables me to produce marketing and communications products on time and within budget.
- Writing.  As a writer, I am skilled at translating complex information into clear and compelling statements.
- Editing.  My editorial skills mean that I can improve the clarity, consistency, and style of existing written materials.
- Production.  With a production background, I know how to manage the whole process to deliver your publication on time.
What You Want
I pride myself in writing marketing materials and news stories that meet clients’ expectations, and do not require rewriting by technical staff or senior management.
All or Part
I can do all or just part of the production process. If you need to contract out the entire document, I can manage it from initial concept to delivery of printed publication. If you already have an in-house production department, I can write your publication and then turn it over to your designers to complete the project.
I know the importance of staying in touch with clients and getting the job done. I’ll meet with you at your convenience, provide regular progress reports and budget updates, return your phone calls or emails, and meet your deadlines. And, if necessary, I’ll go to extra lengths to get the job done.
As a former vice president of a small business, I know all about keeping costs down. I’ll look for the most efficient way to produce your publication.

Jonas Weisel & Associates
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