S e r v i c e s
Services are provided
in three areas:

Marketing Collateral
Communications Products
Document Production

Marketing Collateral

I write a variety of marketing collateral, including brochures, case studies, success stories, press kits, product sheets, web content, magazine articles, and product catalogs.

My role typically involves interviewing in-house technical or marketing staff or company principals, writing copy, and incorporating comments received. I also have experience managing graphic design and layout for these publications.

The expertise that I bring to this process includes skills at identifying the audience and key messages for marketing materials, and at interviewing non-marketing personnel to clarify distinctive aspects of a product or company.

Among my projects—

Wrote brochures that were the centerpiece in major international product launches.
Edited case studies on the deployment of the client’s products across a range of business sectors.
Wrote weekly, high-profile news articles on home page of popular website.
Wrote magazine articles and brochures that won prestigious awards in regional publications competitions.
Wrote magazine articles for publication in the leading national energy trade magazines.
Designed and wrote innovative support materials for sales teams.
Worked as part of a collaborative team of writers who produced comprehensive press kits for wineries.

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Communications Products

I write and manage the production of a variety of communications products, including newsletters, white papers, web-based news services, manuals, technical reports, annual reports, speeches, and presentations.

My expertise with these products is in translating information on complex subjects—electric power generation and transmission, telecommunications, coronary surgical devices—into clear and concise descriptions.

Throughout my career, I have interviewed scientists and engineers around the world, and have gained experience quickly collecting and synthesizing information for particular types of publications.

Among my products—

Researched and wrote project descriptions for a state government annual report.
Developed the concept for a web-based news service, and wrote 15-20 news stories per month for the site.
Researched and wrote a landmark white paper for national circulation.
Conducted more than 100 interviews with engineers and product managers around the United States and wrote case studies for a popular national directory.
Led creative teams of writers and designers to produce an ongoing series of five 12-page newsletters.
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Document Production

I manage the production of books and book-length reports.

My role includes:

Editing text for clarity, grammar, and consistency.
Writing executive summaries, introductions, and transitional materials.
Creating indexes and glossaries.
Coordinating writer and reviewer teams.
Proofreading revisions and page proofs.
Developing contributor guidelines and style sheets.
Supervising illustration, graphic design, layout, and printing.
Overseeing production schedules and budgets.

Among my projects

Served as an “on-call” editor and proofreader for the in-house mar-com department of a large corporation prior to a series of major product launches.
Edited and managed the production of a 1,000-page book written by a team of 20 writers.
Edited and supervised the production of a series of more than a dozen 200-300 page technical reports.

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