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W o r k   P r o c e s s

My work process offers you the best of both worlds: You can turn projects over to me, and at the same time, stay informed of the content, design, budget, and schedule.

At our initial meeting or conference call, I’ll obtain information from you to develop a scope of work. Subsequently I’ll submit a project description—with a summary of tasks, cost estimate, schedule, and deliverables. At the outset, you’ll know the cost and time frame of the project.
Review Opportunities
At key stages in production, you’ll have an opportunity to review and comment on the publications being produced. This means you’ll be able to review an outline, draft copy, a mockup of the layout, design options, and pre-press proof copies. That way, the final publication will be sure to meet your expectations.
Progress Reports
Throughout the project, I’ll provide regular email or phone reports of work status and expenditures.

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